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A video game console is a dedicated electronic device designed to play video games. Here we have a list of the latest 7th generation most popular video game consoles.

  • Nintendo Revolution (2006)
  • PlayStation 3 (March 2006 release)
  • Xbox 360 (November 2005 release)
  • PlayStation Portable (2005)


    True love and love for all

    For a small word, Love has tremendous meaning. And, for a word with so many different degrees, it is difficult to give it a specific definitely. The most common use of the word Love is when we are speaking about our deep affection for our families, children, spouses, close relationships and pets. Sometimes we use the word to describe when we really enjoy something we are doing like, "I love rock climbing" or "I love my job as a motivational speaker." We may also use it to describe a deep emotional connection with another person when we say we are "in love". Think about all of the wonderful memories and feelings that you have connected with the word Love.

    The deep bond of comfort and admiration you have for your parents, the protectiveness you feel for your child or the flutter in your heart that you experience when you are in the presence of your soul mate. The feeling of Love can be triggered by a look, a kiss, or a touch and can be felt as calming warmth or exciting electricity. However, wherever, or whenever you experience Love, it is a gift to be shared with the world. We all have Love within us that we share with others, however we often forget about loving ourselves. There is a very fine line of distinction that can become grey to a child learning how to practice self-love.

    In addition, because it is difficult to explain the subtle nuances that differentiate between arrogance and vanity, and self-love and self-respect, it is often lost is a battle of mixed emotions as we grow up. It is often too easy to fall into patterns that put ourselves last or neglect some of our own needs and desires in order to assist others in achieving their dreams. However, in order to truly experience love and receive it from anyone else, it is critical to love yourself. Give yourself some personal time to discover your likes and dislikes, and to pursue your passion.

    Maybe you want to take an hour a day for yourself to read a book or write a screenplay, or even to meditate. You are worth it! Take the time to enjoy life; love life. This will open the door to wonderful experiences. This small word can be quite illusive.

    Some people spend their entire lives searching for it, others think they have found it, and others still say that had it and lost it. However, Love is something within us. Until we love ourselves, we are incapable of truly being in love with someone else. What a great revelation this is! This new perspective allows us to open ourselves to receive love from many different sources.

    Talking about love and not talking about love quotes and love poems? means that we are missing something.

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    XBOX 360 vs. PS3: An In Depth Look
    by Tony James

    All gamers are awaiting the release of the Xbox 360 and the PS3. This article takes an in depth look at how the two systems compare.


    Everyone has seen an Xbox and a PS2 in action and we are all waiting to see which of the two next generation consoles for the two systems will have the edge when it comes to graphics. We have all seen the screenshots of the games on the two systems but what about actual gameplay graphics. Despite the hot debate, when you look at the numbers the two systems use a different but equally effective method of delivering graphics processing power. The XBOX uses a custom ATI processor with 48 graphics pipelines and the PS2 has a custom NVIDA graphics processor with an estimated 24 pipelines. The numbers are misleading because the PS2 piplines are more powerful than the XBOX pipelines. In the end the two different graphics processors will deliver about the same amount of power, we can expect to see impressive results from both sides.

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