- Video Games

A video game console is a dedicated electronic device designed to play video games. Here we have a list of the latest 7th generation most popular video game consoles.

  • Nintendo Revolution (2006)
  • PlayStation 3 (March 2006 release)
  • Xbox 360 (November 2005 release)
  • PlayStation Portable (2005)

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    Max Shooter XBOX & PS2 Keyboard & Mouse Adapter Review
    by Jeromy

    The third and latest XBOX/PS2 keyboard & mouse adapter to hit the market is the Max Shooter. Before this adapter was released there was a good chance that the guy destroying you in Halo 2 was using a regular XBOX controller and not one of the previously released keyboard & mouse adapters. Enter Max Shooter stage right. Now you should be afraid, very afraid, as the Max Shooter basically turns the console FPS into a PC FPS with all the accuracy that that entails. After spending a good few days playing Halo 2, Socom II, and Unreal Championship 2 there is little doubt that FPS games were mostly made to be played with a mouse and keyboard.

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